Business consulting

The constant change in environment forces companies to adapt quickly to remain competitive. We control this adjustment process to enhance the structures of the company considering the company's history, the acting people and all concerned processes in workshops and project groups.

We bring in our know-how from similar tasks for a safe navigation through this adaption.

Efficiency improvement

The organisational processes are the companies "operational backbone". They define the way of cooperation beyond departments. In process optimisation those processes will be analysed, new defined, optimised and improved. The result: the whole company or a subarea is better adjusted to the essential tasks. This "getting better" applies to every structure of the company - procedures, costs, organization etc.

With the experience of many "To get better"-projects we are able to detect the possible potential in a company very quick and are naturally also present during implementation.

Project management

Project management is more and more seen as an essential management tool also in those companies, which don't see themselves as a "project orientated" company. Clear target agreements, working in team structures, focusing on results are the tools leading to success.

We help your organisation with our special expertise in project management to establish and enhance this tool.

On request we take over the management of complete projects.